Laser Cutting Technology

Class machinery for the increasing demand of efficiency and cost saving

Hymson Italy is an innovative player operating in the field of industrial automation for the design, construction and marketing of systems and services for metal cutting with optic- fiber laser. Hymson Italy is the European subsidiary of the Guangzhou Hymson Laser Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2018 in the province of Vicenza, in one of the most developed European industrial districts, with the aim of supporting international growth and facing the new challenges of the metal manufacturing industry.


In the context of new technologies, the enormous production capacity of the group combined with the vitality of research, becomes an absolute competitive advantage because it allows to reduce the time to market in all phases of the realization of a new product: from conception to its engineering, from prototyping to effective market introduction.

We firmly believe in technological innovation and offer solutions that combine a cutting-edge production process with a qualified service, punctual in time and certain in costs: from conception to testing, the common thread remains the search for quality and efficiency.

Engineering, Design, Research & Development

Hymson Italy, through its parent company and in collaboration with the University of Shenzen and the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong, has set up a centre dedicated to Research and Development for an innovative approach in the field of mechanical and electronic applications and where the validity of a particular new solution is assessed overall in terms of efficiency, cost, reliability and technical-economic competitive advantages. The activity is carried out within a certified Project Management system that takes into account technological experimentation and the economic implications of the market.

Partnerships: shared reliability beyond the normal supply of products

Over the years Hymson has selected a group of international suppliers able to offer technological solutions also with a focus on Industry 4.0, with assistance in every phase of Customers’ operations. Hymson has developed a relationship with them that has evolved into a partnership that goes beyond the supply chain and puts reliability and information sharing at the heart of any choice.
Our suppliers are Partners at home in our large showroom in Vicenza where new applications are tested and where our Customers are also welcome to evaluate the excellence of our technical choices and the performance of our systems.


Hymson technology is constantly evolving to offer efficient systems for the most demanding requirements in the metal cutting process for both small volume producers and large-scale manufacturing companies around the world in partnership with international divisions Hymson USA and Hymson INDIA.
Hymson Italy is the trusted reference point for Companies operating in Europe, the Middle East, the Gulf Countries and North Africa. With our physical presence on the ground we believe that we better understand our Customers, improve mutual relationships and make them more productive as well as provide competent and rapid support to develop long-term business relationships.

The experience of our design engineers and project managers together with the international profile of the sales team work as an extension of the customer’s staff to ensure that whatever the system chosen, its operation is optimized for high performance and reliability.

Company Management System: THE QUALITY POLICY


Hymson Quality Management plan provides the backbone to achieve, maintain and improve the competitiveness in the Industrial sector to be translated in a workbreakdown structure of activities identified in the Quality Policy.

The Company is committed to pursue the following objectives:

  • Understand Customer needs and perceive time expectations, thus realizing the conditions for their full satisfaction;
  • Promote the scientific knowledge and lifelong education of staff and Partners, foster their process and methodological understanding, their role and responsibilities, involving them in continuous improvement of the Quality System;
  • Forefront positioning both technologically and organizationally, preventing the emergences and risks due to non-compliance, achieve profitability and grant Customer satisfaction.
  • Operate in full compliance with the contract terms and the regulations and general provisions of Law and Regulations in particular for safety in the workplace and industrial International Standards.

References & Accreditations

Machines installed, commissioned and perfectly operating in different European Countries prove Hymson technological skills and the commitment to the Customer Satisfaction..

Model Year Area / Client
Sheet-metal Laser HF3015 B2 Kw 2019 Spain
Sheet-metal Laser HF3015 A1 Kw 2019 Spain
Sheet-metal Laser HF3015 A1,5 Kw 2019 Spain
Sheet-metal Laser HF3015 B 2 Kw 2019 France
Sheet-metal Laser HF3015 B 2 Kw 2019 France
Sheet-metal Laser HF3015 B 1,5 Kw 2019 Netherland
Sheet-metal Laser HF4020 C 4 Kw 2019 Netherland
Sheet-metal Laser HF3015 B 3 Kw 2019 Great Britain
Sheet-metal Laser HF3015 B 3 Kw 2019 Great Britain
Sheet-metal Laser HF3015 B 3,3 Kw 2019 Poland
Sheet-metal Laser HF3015 B 3,3 Kw 2019 Poland
Sheet-metal Laser HF3015 B 3,3 Kw 2019 Poland
Sheet-metal Laser HF3015 B 1,5 Kw 2019 Poland
Sheet-metal Laser HF3015 B 3 Kw 2019 Poland
Sheet-metal Laser HF6020 C 4 Kw 2019 Poland
Sheet-metal Laser HF3015 B 2 Kw 2019 Italy
Sheet-metal Laser HF3015 B 1,5 Kw 2019 Greece
Sheet-metal Laser HF3015 B 3 Kw 2020 Cyprus
Tube Laser HP6018 D 1,5 Kw 2020 Italy