CIBF 2024, the 16th China Battery Fair closed on April 29 in Chongqing.

Glossary: LIB
A Lithium Ion Battery is an electrochemical device that stores/delivers electrical energy through a reversible intercalation reaction in which Li+ ions are shuttled between two dissimilar electrode materials separated by the Li+ ion conducting electrolyte solution.


Empowering innovation: Elevate LIB intelligent manufacturing to the next level

At the exhibition, Hymson delivered six extraordinary keynote speeches, aiming to address the pain points in LIB manufacturing, such as low efficiency, high costs, low yield rates, low capacity, poor performance at low temperatures, and thermal runaway. From technological iteration, application innovation to cultivation of high-quality capacity, Hymson presented new approaches to intelligent manufacturing to drive breakthroughs in the LIB industry.

In the speeches, Hymson showcased its ultra-high-speed electrode tab notching process with a cutting speed of 120-200 m/min, burr precision ≤ 20 μm and HAZ ≤ 100 μm. This process demonstrates outstanding compatibility, accommodating various tab shapes, materials, and thicknesses. It also boasts short commissioning cycles and low maintenance costs. In terms of product safety and stability, it efficiently solves technical challenges in electrode production, such as powder accumulation, laser cutting failure, web breakage, and foreign object defects. Also, Hymson has made significant breakthroughs in core laser technologies such as etching, traceability, and welding, which will enhance cost-effectiveness and efficiency and improve battery quality.

Innovative products

In addition to technical introduction, Hymson also presented a number of innovative products. For example, for the surface coating treatment of the tab welding area, Hymson launched a customizable wide-width laser ablation machine. Targeting at high efficiency and quality, it enhances the performance in terms of fast charging, C rate and cycle life of consumer electronics and EV batteries. As for the cell manufacturing of large cylindrical EV batteries, Hymson launched a new cylindrical slitting & winding integrated machine. With focus on winding process quality, product yield and efficiency, the machine integrates multi-process tab notching control, web high speed and precision chase-cutting, taper tension control and other key technologies, addressing industry pain points including process compatibility, cutting burrs, and dust control.

Driving global expansion: Seize international LIB market

Hymson continues to expand its global market by partnering with outstanding Chinese companies and battery companies from Japan and South Korea. Hymson has also built a global integrated efficient service system, with subsidiaries in Europe, North America, Asia and other regions to further expand its global presence.

The world energy landscape is being reshaped by carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals. Hymson will keep abreast of new developments in the new energy industry, and work together with partners across the global LIB industry chain to explore new paths for LIB manufacturing and jointly create a new ecosystem for high-quality development of EV batteries.


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