The collaboration between HYMSON and ALLTECH is a testament to the shared vision of changing the manufacturing landscape through technology.

The Brazilian dealer Grupo ALLTECH, exclusive distributor of HYMSON brand.

The fibre laser metal cutting machine SERIES HF 3015 has been presented at the Feimec exhibition in Brazil, held in San Paulo 7-11 may 2024 and highlighting the effectiveness of HYMSON’s technology. The brand’s international success was confirmed by the interest of visitors, underlining the importance of qualified dealers like ALLTECH. The collaboration between the two companies is crucial for the success in the industrial sector.

The event has been an important showcase

for HYMSON‘s advanced technology and highlighted the effectiveness and attractiveness of the brand’s technological solutions.

Visitors to the show showed considerable interest in the machine on display, confirming the international success of the HYMSON brand. The ability to attract attention in such competitive contexts testifies not only to the quality of the machines, but also to the importance of having capable and well-structured dealers like ALLTECH, who play a key role in distribution and technical support.

ALLTECH’s commitment to promoting state-of-the-art metalworking solutions and their influential presence as one of the most important groups in South America further strengthen HYMSON’s position in the market. The collaboration between HYMSON and ALLTECH therefore proves to be essential for the continued development and success of both companies in the international industrial landscape.


A few shots from ALLTECH GROUP booth where the Fiber Laser Cutting machine HYMSON was showcased at the brazilian Event.


From May 7 to 11, 2024, São Paulo Expo transformed into a bustling hub of industrial innovation during FEIMEC, the leading event in Latin America for manufacturing machinery and technology. Attracting over 65,000 visitors, including industry leaders and entrepreneurs, the expo facilitated an immersive environment for exploring new technologies and forging strategic alliances. The event showcased the prowess of over 1,100 national and international brands spread across an expansive 80,000 square meter area, highlighting the dynamic and evolving nature of the manufacturing sector.

The event played a key role in promoting technological integration and collaboration 

The FEIMEC was a pivotal platform for the unveiling of groundbreaking products set to redefine industry standards. Participants had the unique opportunity to witness firsthand the latest advancements in machinery and tools, automation technology, and digital factory solutions. These innovations are crucial for enhancing efficiency and productivity in manufacturing processes, reflecting a significant shift towards more sustainable and technologically advanced operations.


As a leading engineering and manufacturing company, Hymson has a long history of multi-industry excellence in the fibre laser cutting plants, in the production of automation and electric car battery equipment.


Established in Italy in 2019, the company targets the Italian and European, the Gulf and North African markets in order to respond from Italy to the needs of the industry that demands quality, technology and economy in metalworking.


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