A winning formula: + Automation + Integration + Efficiency + Productivity – Learning and Programming time

  • Optical path adaptive system: the cutting head has adaptive optical system, the focus is adjusted automatically to ensure stable switching focus focal point during the cutting process. It is especially important for cutting thick slabs to ensure the consistency of cutting quality throughout the processing area.
  • The system is equipped with a capacitive non-contact sensor as standard, which ensures a constant distance between the nozzle and the material being processed. Even if the surface of the workpiece is irregular, the result is perfect.
  • Leapfrog: When the material burns, the optical head rises to the jump height set by the operator. When the head is raised, the molten metal does not fall on the nozzle side.
  • Cutting further away from the set distance
  • Uninterrupted cutting: This method can significantly reduce the processing time of the slab, because it does not cut every detail individually, but cuts all the contours in a straight line. The high-speed optical head provides the entire line by line, cutting the contours of the corresponding segments. Cutting the perforated grid saves time.
  • The marking and cutting modes are set individually by the operator before cutting starts. The operator can reconfigure the machine and enter new settings without having to stop the material handling process. Switching from one mode to another is automatic, increasing the productivity of the cutting process.