24-meter Fiber Laser cutting machine installed in South Korea

The 24 metre high customized HF 24030 fibre laser cutting system developed by Hymson Laser was installed and commissioned during March 2020 at our Customer’s facility in South Korea.

Strict management of each project phase
The first part of the project development of the HF24030 model started in November 2019 based on the Client’s needs. The R&D and production units successfully completed the design, engineering, prototyping and construction work in record time of 60 days only.

Construction details
With 24000mm*3000mm ultra large format table, the length of the cutting plates can measure up to 24 meters long and 3 meters wide. The structure of the machine base is made by segmental assembly, which makes the cutting stroke much longer and wider, and at the same time improves processing efficiency and material utilization. The cutting and ventilation areas are designed with separate modules to make the ventilation system more efficient; the structure as a whole can accommodate up to 10,000 watts.

State-of-the-art machinery
The HF24030 is equipped with a floating structure which is at the forefront of the industry. Not only does it reduce the difficulty of machining, installation adjustment and the impact of the heat effect, but it also improves the stability of the machine’s entire transmission precision, thus extending life of the machine.

Application industry
A laser machine model of this size can bring considerable advantages to the large equipment manufacturing industry both in the machining of parts and in the organization of production, such as the shipbuilding industry, construction machinery, energy industry, etc

One of our many success stories
This is a powerful example of the experience, professionalism and commitment of HYMSON’s technicians in the installation and start-up processes. As well, it encourages the company to work harder and more efficiently, in the belief that Customers’ success is our own success.

Our tireless product research is reflected in every single new challenge, and every single piece of equipment we produce is the measure of our efforts. We are committed to developing smarter, more efficient and more stable products, manufactured with the highest level of automated production technology to meet Customer expectations.

Quality comes first, service comes first.